Stingher 27 GT RIB 4.6L V8 Verado 300hp

From our Greek friends of on testing the Stingher 27 GT Rigid Inflatable Boat.

“Having been many times behind the console of almost all Italboats yard models, I confess that the Italian shipyard continues to pleasantly surprise me with both the quality of construction and finishing and the quality of navigation it offers to the most demanding marine public.

With several decades of experience, the people of Italboats are constantly improving all their models and using the best materials of the market aim to produce premium inflatable boats by upgrading the quality and level of our sea escapes.

But what really impressed me was its soft riding even though not belonging to the category of the very deep-V inflatable boats, since the deadrise angle of its transom does not exceed 21.5 degrees.

The 8 meter Stingher of our test showed excellent stability and very good behaviour in the rough weather conditions, elements that of course stem from the design of its hull.

This is characterized by the presence of three slightly negative spray rails, two of which start from the bow entry and end up at the transom where their width reaches 9 cm, while the third and lower one stops 1.90 meters before the transom.”

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