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The very handy Skywatch BL400 weather station

Skywatch BL400

I’ve been using this Skywatch BL400 weather station for some time now and it does a great job.

This high tech Swiss device is connected to my iPhone through Bluetooth® technology. It’s handy, light weight, small enough to take along on my RIB tests and can be screwed onto a tripod or a monopod if necessary.

It’s delivered in a nice aluminium box. It is meant for mountaineers, para gliders, sport fisher men, hikers, sailors … and RIBbers of course.

There are three versions: yellow, green and blue.

The green version in the photo above is my personal Skywatch BL400 weather station that measures windspeed, temperature, humidity and pressure.

Compared to the official weather reports, it’s quite accurate. Swiss made, so I didn’t expect anything else. Besides measuring, you can also see this as a device to keep your adventures safe.

This is how it works.

skywatch bl400
iPhone version screen

With the push of a button the anemometer pops out and activates the sensors.

Then I open the app on my iPhone and the Skywatch® sensors are found immediately. Wait 2 seconds and the readings are shown on your smartphone screen in real-time.

Your can have more information on every part of the measurements by clicking the small arrow in each quadrant.

The only thing my Skywatch® BL400 doesn’t measure is the UV index. This one you can have if you purchase the more expensive BL500.

But there is more.

You can share these data on social media which includes your GPS data as well. Furthermore there is a Skywatch® community that shows the measurements in real-time on a map. Just take a peek at your destiny and see what weather it is up there.

It also has a tracking mode with automatic recording of measurements and GPS coordinates. Awesome. Is there anything this device can’t do?

Well, wouldn’t it be great if this fantastic device could measure the wave height and wave frequency as well? This could result in another version: Skywatch® BL Marine.

Anyhow, see some great videos here. For more info, contact the company and let them know, you saw this on (btw, I get no commission).

JDC Electronic SA
Avenue des Sports 42
CH-1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
+41 24 445 21 21

Download the iOS app or the Android version.

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