Single Outboard Joystick Control Demonstration

A Single Outboard Joystick Control System

The Yamaha single outboard joystick control makes boating easier and more fun.

This advanced technology, not new and mainly used on multiple outboard installations, makes the experience of docking much smoother and enjoyable.

The video demonstrates how easy and intuitive boat manoeuvring at low speeds can be with this system.

Single Outboard Joystick Control  System@ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The Joystick next to the wheel

Thanks to this joystick, the captain can easily change the boat’s direction and speed with ease. This eliminates the need for extensive steering systems and makes docking even in challenging weather simpler.

It is suitable for both experienced and novice boaters making it more accessible to more people.

Pros and Cons

I know that many RIBbers swear by pure manoeuvring with the throttle and wheel and therefore don’t like this system very much.

It comes down to practicing the right skills. Some say it’s even useless with a single outboard installation.

For newcomers however who can afford this expensive “accessory”, it is a pleasant and easier way to dock.

But make no mistake, it needs a lot of practicing as well to build experience in different weather and water conditions.

This single outboard joystick control is not a panacea.

Here’s a short video of a captain demonstrating the joystick system on a twin Suzuki installation outboard and in this video you get an excellent drone view on docking with that system.

This video was published on the Ribeye YouTube channel.

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