2 Thoughts to “RIB Leiftur 1100 in a Very Tight 360-Degree Turn”

  1. Hamilton

    I would want to see a speedo, it doesn’t look like a 40 kts turn to me, it certainly doesn’t carry it’s speed through the turn.
    More than twice your boat length isn’t “a tight turn”
    Does everyone get thrown over the side when it let’s go drips off the plane and then digs in to the turn?
    It’s all very dramatic, but IMHO it’s videos lile this showing a badly behaved boat as “exciting” that leads to kids getting thrown over the side and runaway boats with no kill cords killing folk.
    I bet when it does skid into a turn it takes a good load of grunt to get it going straight again.

    1. Karel

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

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