Rayglass Protector 410 Targa RIB Yamaha Powered

“The Protector 410 Targa incorporates the best of our 380 Targa but with a larger aft cockpit.

Built for discerning owners or organisations who require more deck space for entertainment or commercial purposes.

Designed for ‘tough luxury’ in any sea conditions, the 410 Targa feat ures a spacious cabin layout, expansive interior, a fully enclosed standing head, as well as a multitude of entertainment options and passenger comforts.

Besides its performance, one of the defining features of the 410 Targa is its expansive deck space, featuring a 9.5’ internal beam and full walk around allowing quick and easy access to the bow.

Built tough with Protector’s high-quality precision craftsmanship for the most demanding users, the Protector 410 Targa a supremely equipped, high-speed, ultra-comfortable adventure boat providing the ultimate all-day on-the-water experience.”

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