Hellenic Navy Special Forces Hellraiser 44 RIBs

Impressive Hellenic Navy RIBs

Hellenic Navy Special Forces Hellraiser 44 RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) near northwest Chios island landing beach during large scale national military exercise Parmenion 2018.

The Hellraiser 44 Rib was studied and designed exclusively by Motomarine, for military use utilizing the latest development of naval architecture science and technology.

During her design the naval architecture test tank of NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) was used.

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Length Overall (incl. App.) : 13,30m
Breath (max) : 3,25m
Mean Draft : 0,90m (static)
Tubes Material : 1670 Dtex Hypalon/Neopren
Propulsion : Two Inboard Diesel Engines/ Surface piercing Props
Speed : 60+ Knots

This video was published on the AegeanhawkYouTube channel

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