RIBs ONLY Goodies: Special Mug Series With a Story

RIBs ONLY Goodies: a Special Mug Series @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIBs ONLY Special Mug Series

Special Mug Series Designs

Dear RIBs ONLY friends,

The exclusive mug series “RIBs ONLY – Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat” (see image above), is uniquely crafted. You can find them through the menu button “Goodies“, second from the left. But read on…

These mugs aren’t just items I sell for personal profit. There’s a meaningful story behind them as you can read below.

The Story

As some of you may already be aware, I am the founder of the registered non-profit organization For Autism NPO.

This cause holds a special place in my heart because autism directly impacts my very close family (autistic child video).

The mission of our NPO is to promote autism awareness in an enjoyable manner. We achieve this by engaging in kite flying activities and providing free kites to children during the kite meetings.

However, to sustain these efforts, we require financial support. Therefore, I have launched a modest webshop called MugsBlizzBazaar.com, through which I hope to raise funds to further our mission.

All proceeds go to our mission.

Buying is Promoting Autism Awareness

So, buying* a mug for yourself or as a gift for someone like this special mug series or others, means saying yes to promoting autism awareness.

Thank you deeply, and know that you have the enduring, heartfelt gratitude of the children.

*Due to intricate tax complications, my webshop cold be unable to serve your needs in the country you’re living in.

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