Stormway 900 RIB Event – Hvaler

A new brand on RIBs ONLY: Stormway. It’s a special brand, built by Norwegian Custom Marine at Isebakkeveien 103, 1719 Greåker, Norway.

“The 900 RIB Event is a new boat from Stormway, and as in true Stormway spirit, the boat has a completely unique “racing hull” with extreme speed and sea characteristics.

The Event edition has 10 or 12 jockey seats in front of the console and Stormway’s specially designed double driver’s seat in the back for the pilot and copilot.

The aluminum chair has both standing and sitting functions and offers an optimal driving position in all conditions. The boat can also be rigged with jockey seats both in front and behind the console.

We offer several engine options, both single and double mounting, and as one of the few manufacturers of event boats can offer double Mercury 175hp diesel outboards.This is a very economical and reliable alternative to petrol engines. Speed with 2 x 175hp diesel outboards is a whopping 55 knots!”*

*translation by Marten Danielsson