Skipper-BSK RIBs Impressive Quality and Performance

SKIPPER BSK RIBs Impressive Quality and Performance @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The 2022 range

About Skipper-BSK

Greece, a nation adorned with numerous islands steeped in cultural richness and beauty, possesses an enchanting duality.

Its landscapes can be serene and dreamlike, only to transform abruptly into a tempestuous sea.

Against this striking backdrop, Pavlos Stavroulakis pursued a dream that materialised in the founding of his own boat company, BSK Marine, in 2000. His singular mission: to craft the ideal boat tailored for the demanding waters of Greece and beyond.

Read the RIBs ONLY interview with Alexandros Stavroulakis on the most important part of the RIB, namely the hull.

The Skipper team has the power to make all their boats go faster than any other competitor and they still maintain their high quality and safety standards.

A perfect boat is not necessarily a boat that looks beautiful but these RIBs are perfectly designed with design awards
(Red dot award design in 2016: honorable mention for the Skipper NC100s).

Want to see more SKIPPER-BSK RIBs? Check out these videos here on

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