RIB FOCCHI 620 Video by e-Ribbing.com


Established in Ravenna in 1979, the inception of “Giampaolo Focchi – Cesistenza Battelli Pneumatici” can be traced back to the vision and dedication of its founder, Giampaolo Focchi, who serves as the driving force and true essence of the company.

The roots of this Italian-based enterprise delve into FOCCHI’s background in engineering, his profound love for the sea and velocity, and the resilient spirit of Romagna.

This resilient spirit is amalgamated with the maritime ambiance of Ravenna and the city’s rich tradition in crafting inflatable boats.


What sets FOCCHI 620 inflatable boat apart from their counterparts in the market are a distinctive array of indispensable features that are both unique and essential.

More videos of this brand I collected on RIBsONLY.com.

This video was published on the e-Ribbing. com YouTube channel.

RIB FOCCHI 620 Video by e-Ribbing.com @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Home
RIB FOCCHI 620 Video by e-Ribbing.com

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