A Price Too Good to Be True

A Price Too Good to Be True @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

Too good to Be True Can Be a Trap

There is so much relevance in this statement on the photo above no matter what product or service you buy or sell.

When I relate to buying a Rigid Inflatable Boat, outboard engine and boat trailer you want an excellent after sales service, isn’t it. After all there’s a lot of hard-earned money involved. A solid company always takes into account the cost of after sales services.

And yes, beware of a price too good to be true.

Patrick Maes from CPI-Commercial Performance Improvement, summarizes it as follows:

Customer service is the new selling. Therefore make sure that your customer ends up in the service experience of your organization as quickly as possible.

This means that a company big or small, has a process, a flow to empower that service. This is an investment in client loyalty.

The ‘value delivery’ is the moment for companies to start up and cross selling. Put your focus on repeat purchasing.


Perhaps, within our social circles, there may be individuals—possibly even yourself—who have engaged in seemingly endless discussions with a company, either with or without the involvement of lawyers.

Information tends to circulate swiftly, and these anecdotes are easily disseminated, often finding their way onto public online platforms.

I remain unconvinced that the recent decision is the optimal course of action, as these narratives,

if not expunged, may linger indefinitely, haunting the company’s reputation even after new management has taken charge. Differing opinions, however, are a separate matter.

So Inform Yourself Thoroughly…

…before spending money on a RIB configuration.

A proficient seller begins by attentively listening to the prospective client.

Take the time to engage with the seller, inquire about the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Additionally, tune in to existing channels where authoritative information is available—listen actively and pose relevant questions.

It’s crucial to engrave in your mindset that deals that sound “too good to be true” almost invariably lead to costly miseries, as illustrated in the accompanying photo.

[Photo by Graham Teede]

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