Beautiful Lorient with the Belgian Pneumaticlub 2019

The Region of Lorient

The city, located in Brittany, France, is a coastal location with access to the Atlantic Ocean.

The surrounding waters offer a mix of maritime activities and natural attractions.

The “Bay of Lorient” provides a strategic harbour with a naval history dating back centuries.

The city is known for its maritime heritage, and the harbour is home to various sailing events and regattas.

The region is characterised by picturesque coastal landscapes, including beaches and rocky shores.

The Belgian Pneumaticlub often organises outings in Belgum and other countries.

Belgian Pneumaticlub Lorient 2019 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat

2 Thoughts to “Beautiful Lorient with the Belgian Pneumaticlub 2019”

  1. Denis Lancelin

    Superb video in a wonderfull area. If one day, you want to discovered west coast of Cotentin or North of Brittany, let me know, I Can show you wonderful places !

    1. Karel Overlaet, Medianaut

      We usually go to the south of Brittany in the Morbihan with our RIB. What a great place 😉

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