Bear Grylls RIBs Solid Madera RIBs

Bear Grylls RIBs

The Bear Grylls RIBs consists of four fine vessels – the BG 500, 650, 850 and1100 – skillfully crafted by Madera, a world-renowned Dutch boat builder.

In this informative video all models are presented along with their specifications.


Madera is renowned for constructing durable, high-performing vessels. Their craft are agile and robust enough to handle the toughest offshore conditions, and they proudly tout them as “virtually indestructible”.

This newest range of sea vessels truly epitomizes the idea of ‘bringing all the best aspects of offshore military grade technology to the recreational boating industry’.

Bear Grylls RIBs starboard shot @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Bear Grylls RIBs starboard shot

To make the models lightweight, strong and durable, each BG vessel is made from quality aluminum with foam tubes. Unlike inflatable tubes, foam ones don’t change in size due to temperature differences. This makes them easier to work on and repair if needed.

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