Sealegs Solution – Amphibious Design Options

The Approach of the Sealegs Solution

Sealegs amphibious crafts were born out of a necessity – a remedy to the cumbersome process of launching and retrieving boats from beachfront properties or boat ramps, minimising time and effort.

So, Sealegs seamlessly transitions between land and water, ensuring optimal performance in both environments without any compromise.

Simulating designs involves iterative testing and refinement, utilising virtual models to analyse various parameters.

This iterative process enables the exploration of alternatives and ultimately guides the development of the final design.

I have gathered additional videos of amphibious RIBs from this brand for you.

This video was published on the Sealegs International YouTube channel.

Amphibious Design Options - Sealegs Solution @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Amphibious Design Options – Sealegs Solution

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