4/3/2023 RIB Run Mansual Forts With a Cool Bang

RIB Run Mansual Forts @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIB Run Mansual Forts route

Once in a while I post news of a RIB Run. This one came to my attention and is really very well documented. So enough for me to publish it on RIBsONLY.com.

The event is organised by Miles Hill. Here is the information of this great RIB Run.

“This is very much weather dependant and its your call on what you consider to be safe conditions.”

This Is the RIB Run Route (Navionics)

Heading for a tour of the Mansual Forts (Red Sands, Shivering Sands, Knock John Tower, Roughs Tower aka Sealand), Dinner in Harwich (TBC) then returning via Clacton Pier for Fireworks around 21:00 before returning to Brightlingsea to recover.
Route is approx 90 nM and there is no provision to purchase fuel on route so you will need to carry sufficient for your vessel.

The legs from Clacton Pier to Brightlingsea will be in darkness, and you will require nav lights on the vessel.

Great trip to build hours especially night hours if required.

I’m awaiting clarification on the approximate time of the firework display at Clacton Pier. These are usually around sunset (17:40 on the day) but maybe a little later.

This is a cruise in company but you are responsible for your own passage planning, your boat must be adequate for such a trip and suitably equipped and provisioned.

If you’re unsure if this RIB Run is for you feel free to ask, happy to offer guidance if required.

Suggested equipment as advised by the RYA.

I will drive a Highfield RIB cruising around 20/25 kt.

I will be launching at Brightlingsea around 10:30 am at the top of the tide.

Published Tide Times for Brightlingsea on the 4th March 2023.

  • 04:46 – 0.9 m
  • 10:27 – 4.1 m
  • 16:57 – 1.2 m
  • 22:51 – 4.2 m


Brightlingsea Harbour is a very nice and easy launch, the local Harbour master does charge a nominal Harbour Due but the slipway is accessible for most of the tide on a solid base without fear of sinking.

There is a local business offering a tractor launch and recovery for £30 in and out but they will not be open for recovery after the fireworks unless you can prearrange this with them.

The Harbour master may have berths available overnight if required (pre-booking advised).

This is very much weather dependant and it’s your call on what you consider to be safe conditions.

Anyone is welcome to attend, please share and invite.

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