RIB Osprey Lynx Archive Medianaut Slideshow

Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet
Medianaut @ work by Anne Overlaet

Recently a RIB enthusiast contacted me with the question if I had some pictures of the RIB he bought.

I took a dive in my archives and found that during the Belgian Offshore Challenge 2006 this Osprey Lynx with inboard participated.

The big Rigid Inflatable Boat was delivered by Brugge Marine Center who is a friend of RIBs ONLY.

During that race I used my Nikon D90 with 6 megapixel on a DX chip. It was my third digital camera. Nowadays I use a Nikon Z 9 with 45 megapixel FX (full frame) and my Nikon D810 FX as backup.

On Facebook I run a community dedicated to the Belgian Offshore Challenge races. Pay us a visit and enjoy the ambiance.

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