Good-looking New Zodiac Medline 5 point 8

The New Zodiac Medline 5 point 8 is Here

The new Zodiac Medline 5 point 8 serie is launching a new upholstery color: naturally, the Forest. This video was shot at Hyères, France in 2022.

It was first published here on October 27th 2022.

The video showcases the new Zodiac Medline 5.8 as a versatile and spacious RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) designed for comfortable cruising and water sports.

It takes us on a tour of the new Zodiac Medline 5 point 8’s features, including its comfortable seating areas, sunbathing pads, and ample storage space and includes footage of the boat in action, highlighting its speed, agility, and maneuverability.

New Zodiac Medline 5 point 8 @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
New Zodiac Medline 5 point 8 – checkout the attached kill cord

Specs (extensive)

Overall length5.8 m – 19’0”
Inside length5.1 m – 16’9”
Overall beam2.54 m – 8’4”
Inside beam1.83 m – 6’0”
Tube diameter0.51 m – 1’8”
Weight673 – 1,484
Number of passengers (cat. C)11
Maximum payload (cat. C)1,220 kg – 2,690 lbs
Number of watertight compartments5
Maximum allowed power (hp)150
Recommended power (hp)115
Maximum allowed engine weight (kg-lbs)250 – 551
Hull length (m – ft)5.5 m – 16’4”
Hull width (m – ft)1.96 m – 3’28”
Hull height (m – ft)2.05 m – 6’56”
Tank (l – gal)100 l – 26 gal

This video was published on the Zodiac Nautic YouTube channel.

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