Highfield TV – Ep.1 – Classic vs Ultralite Super Explained

This is the very first episode of Highfield TV. Steve Harrison, European Brand Manager at Highfield Boats, explains the Classic vs Ultralite aluminum tender Rigid Inflatable Boat.

In this episode Steve’s filming at the sunny La Rochelle (France) during the Grand Pavois Boat Show, and answering a question many times raised.

Main differerence is the Weight

The Classic weighs in at about 60 kg while the Ultralite weighs about 40 kg. A lot has been comprimised to save as much weight as possible.

Highfield Classic vs Ultralite explained @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
The Classic and Ultralite (on the right)

I published some videos here of the Classic tender the Ultralite one.

More about Classic vs Ultralite

Find our more information about these 2 ranges click these links: bit.ly/hfclassicrange and bit.ly/hfultraliterange

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