2022 Spx 25 Sport RIB Tour


This version of the Italian built Spx 25 Sport RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) has a huge sundeck behind the console. It really stands out.

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Spx 25 Sport Out of production

This model is no longer produced. There is now the Spx 24, 30 and 38.

About Spx

The Spx Rib Italia project developed from the idea of the three founders who have boating as their passion.

Experience in the naval field meant that, after several years of design, the first Spx Rib Italia model came to life, the result of careful market research aimed at satisfying various customer segments, from those who use the craft at weekends to those who live it every day.

This is why the choice was made to use the most suitable materials for safe and comfortable navigation, but at the same time fast and sporty.

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