Espadon 780 Pro Wows

The Espadon 780 Pro is a Tunesian Rigid Inflatalbe Boat (RIB). The boat is remarkable in two ways I will point out below.

This RIB is like many RIBs a versatile watercraft designed for a variety of uses including recreational boating, diving, fishing, and even commercial applications.

Two Notable Characteristics

When I had the opportunity to test certain models of their RIBs a few years ago on a flat sea, I noticed that the bigger RIBs tilted less than all the other brands I had ever driven. This gave me a strange feeling of skidding and took some getting used to.

What I saw in this video presentation of the Espadon 780 Pro, is the same effect. I think it’s the combination of the hull design and the distance of the tubes from the water.

My attention was also drawn to the extra thin layer of spray generated along the outboard once in plane and at speed (see 00:59 – 01:04 and 01:11 – 01:14 for example). I first thought it was the trimming of the Yamaha but apparently it’s not.

ESPADON 780 PRO spray @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Espadon 780 PRO extra spray

This could impact speed in general because of the extra drag but it won’t deter buyers.

About Espadon

The shipyard started in 1993 in Tunisia and their actual range is from a 450 to the 34 Premium flagship. They’re divided in Pro and Pleasure models.


Overall length 7.95 m
Overall width 3.80 m
Tube diameter 0.60 m
Tube fabric Hypalon Neoprene
Number of passengers 18
Number watertight compartments 6
Total weight without engine 800 kg
Fuel tank 347 l
Shaft Extra Long
Minimal power 150 hp
Maximum power 300 hp
Recommended power 250 hp
Maximum speed 50 knots
CE category B
Tunisian category Maximum 60 Miles from a shelter

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