Fantastic Cobra RIB Nautique Launch

Cobra RIB Nautique

The Nautique 9.7 m is the largest British built Cobra RIB model. The smallest one is 6.2 m long.

In their offer you can also opt for inboard engines. Thes are for the larger Rigid Inflatable Boats like the specific range from 8.5 tot 10 m.

As with many brands nowadays you can add various options, customised features and more to make the Rigid Inflatable Boat truly your own.

Cobra RIB Nautique Launch @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the Rigid Inflatable Boat
Cobra RIBs Nautique Launch

About Cobra RIBs

Cobra RIBs has been owned and operated by the same family ever since its humble beginnings in 1988. Its baseline is “What’s your adventure?”. They still remain the sole designer and manufacturer of deep V hulled Cobra RIB Nautique power boat range.

They position themselves as a builder of luxury British handcrafted RIBs.

You can enjoy more Cobra RIBs here.

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