Aboard a Zeppelin 22 VPRO

The Zeppelin 22 VPRO, built in France, has a deep V hull (but I couldn’t find how much degrees). It comes in two versions: Command (pointed nose) and Commander (blunt nose)

It is a popular choice amongst professionals such as those involved with rescue, military and marine operations who want to guarantee safety while navigating.

More well-selected Zeppelin videos here.

Specs Zeppelin 22 VPRO

Length6.70 m
Hull beam2.48 m
Internal dimensions5.40 m x 1.40 m
Tube diameter0.53 m
Persons as CE C14
Weight empty1,000 kg
Maximum load1,460 kg
Full load weight:2,460 kg
Number of chambers5
Maximum power200 hp
Recommended power150

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