Ultimate Boats’ Impressive Deep V Hull Design

Ultimate Boats deep-V hull design @ RIBs ONLY - Home of the RIgid Inflatable Boat
Ultimate Boats deep-V hull design

The unique Ultimate Boats’ deep V hull design by John Moxham promises the complete solution in demanding conditions.

Deep V Hull Design

Those who typically venture out in stormy waters should opt for a Rigid Inflatable Boat with a deep V hull design as it is essential for them to being able to do their job properly and safely.

Deep V hulls offer smooth sailing in rough seas, as they can easily cut through waves and offer a stable ride.


Rigid Inflatable Boats with a deep V-shaped hull create less friction, meaning it can move through water faster and smoother.

The amount of deep V is measured in degrees as you can see in the photo below. The yellow line is the maximum to measure.

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In practice, the deadrise angle defines the size of the dihedral angle of a hull,
which is the angle that is formed between the two sides of the hull.
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