Club del Gommone – RIB raids 2021 – Versione originale – Italiano


This free brochure contains many RIB raids in Italy and abroad from the year 2021. It is in Italian.

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Club del Gommone - RIB raids 2021
Club del Gommone – RIB raids 2021

Some background information

The Club del Gommone, founded in Milan in 1970, Italy, is an association between owners of pneumatic boats born with the aim of gathering all sports enthusiasts of nautical pleasure and in particular of the pneumatic solution, who will find friends in the Club with whom to share all the satisfactions and enthusiasm that nautical tourism can give.

The first aim of the Club is the planning and the realization of gatherings, raids and nautical camping on lakes, along rivers and in the sea. Meetings that will always have a marked touristic setting without requiring any particular dowry or preparation on the part of the participating crews, except for the normal scruple of the efficiency of their vehicles. Furthermore, to satisfy the needs of the most sporty, the Club organizes and promotes competitions and skill tests.

Non-profit, apolitical, the Club rests its strength only on the number and passion of its Members. These and numerous other initiatives make the Club del Dinghy one of the most organized and educational Nautical Clubs.

Where they are
Currently due to renovations, the temporary headquarters are at the Centro Pavesi Via Francesco De Lemene 3 Milan.
telephones: 02 90000354 – 3356838545
We meet two Wednesdays a month from 21.30 to 24.00

On the Web

Editorial coordination
Virginio Gandini

Press: A. Scotti Srl Cornate d’Adda (MB)
They wrote, photographed, sailed … : Alberto Bagagli, Emilio Galli, Michele Armiento, Carla Conti, Eugenio Severgnini, Carla Gnemmi, Marco Mosca, Luigi Pozzi, Alessandro Di Lelio, Franco De Gradi, Angelo Villani, Alberto de Riso, Davide Cella, Adriano Villa, Ottavio Comotti, Danilo Redaelli , Ketty Colturi, Franco Bodini, Ambrogio Fumagalli, Pino Cella, Angelo Tadolti, Giuseppe Cervo, Lorenzo Fenini, Alessandro Mariani, Giuseppe Marinaro, Alberto Redaelli, Clipper Telò, Nicolò Armiento.
Graphics and layout: DTM via Station 25 / E Mornago (VA),


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