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One Thought to “RIB Spirit of Cardiff Circumnavigation Record”

  1. Avatar of Carmel Pule'Carmel Pule'

    I was fortunate enough to board this boat while she was in Malta after she had some unfortunate problems with an unlit Tuna Net used for fish-farming close to St Paul’s Bay. There were thick nylon Hawsers left floating about in that area and we had trouble ourselves. I could not believe my eyes in the manner they handled the repairs and that boat should have been given more coverage in Malta.
    I thought the boat was excellent considering its small size. I admired the design of the hull with its top attached to the fiberglass lower half. The engine installation was neat and efficient and I was surprised to see a diesel outboard motor if I remember correctly. I followed the boat all the way through its travels and I must say that both the crew and the boat made a great team considering what they had to face. I could never withstand the ordeal they went through and I offer my belated congratulations for what they achieved.

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