Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine Numéro 123 – Version originale


This magazine123  contains much interesting information. It is the LowRes version from the paper original. It is in French.

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Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine Numéro 123 Edito
Belgian Pneumaticlub Magazine Numéro 123 Edito

Some background information

The magazine is in French.

In line with the objectives of its founder, Michel de Hemptinne founded the Belgian Pneumaticlub (BPC) in 1976, the Club offers many nautical activities in inland and maritime waters and thus continues to promote the versatility of this type of boat which is enjoying growing success with the public.

The club is also the pleasure of being on the water with friends, of participating and learning to organize navigations that we would not undertake alone. Without forgetting the additional safety potential offered by navigation in a “flotilla”.

Each year, the Club draws up a calendar of outings intended to meet everyone’s expectations: maritime or inland navigation, day or multi-day, in Belgium or abroad, nautical holidays, etc.

Where they are

Siège Social et Club-House
Chaussée de Vilvorde, 172
B-1120 Bruxelles

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