How to Make a RIB Rafnar 1100 SAR Console – Timelapse

Follow the birth of a Rafnar Pro 1100 console from start to finish.

Not just any Rafnar 1100 Professional but one already taking on Iceland’s weather in our vast and unforgiving ocean, crewed by some of our countries toughest people.

A SAR boats console is its mission control, the heart and centre of any operation. Quality, toughness, and ease of use. That is what matters when every second counts.

Rough Icelandic Sea in The Comforts of a Rafnar 1100 Professional RIB

The Rafnar 1100 Professional RIB in Action

A day out last winter, RVK forecast was: -7° Celsius and snowing, sunrise at 11:00, sunset at 15:30.

There is nothing quite like the Icelandic winter. Often reminiscent of the Icelandic summer, the choice to live and work here is rarely taken because of our sunny beaches.

Life here has adapted to strong winds, unpredictable weather and the occasional summer snow.

Just like the other inhabitants of this island, Rafnar adapted and made the best out of it.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so through more than a decade of R&D, Rafnar has created a boat that is built for the worst conditions and because of that, is ideal for all conditions.

Rafnar 1100 PRO SAR Rigid Inflatable Boat Tour

Thorsteinn has due to Covid restrictions, not had any guests on board his Rarnar 1100 Pro for the last few months. Even though he can’t show you our boats in person, it turns out that his silky voice, charm and experience translate well through video.

So, take a stroll with him through our newest Rafnar 1100 Pro’s, see the ins and outs of this versatile boat whose DNA is as Icelandic as Thorstein’s lunch today. Which was, like every Thursday, blood pudding, mashed potato’s, and rye bread.

So even though you won’t be ending this walkthrough with his famous bear hug and schnapps, we hope you enjoy this 4-minute video showcasing SAR-team Ársæls new pride and joy.

Next year, we hope to see you here in Iceland the UK or Greece, so those of you that have not tried a Rafnar can see and feel why a boat moulded by one of the worlds roughest oceans is changing the way we think about hull design.

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