Club del Gommone and Suzuki – Great RIB Raids Since 2017

These are their recent RIB raids:

  • Giro d’Italia 2017 (1.717 miles): Zar Mini 16 + Suzuki DF40A
  • Gibraltar 2018 (2.414 miles): Zar Mini 16 + Suzuki DF40A
  • Athens 2019 (2.550 miles): Marshall m2 + Suzuki DF40A
  • Mediterraneo 2021 (3.836 miles): Nuova Jolly 250 XL + Suzuki DF140BG

The one organized for 2022 will not be a sporting challenge but an event / cruise that will have two main objectives:

  • spread the passion for the sea and navigation;
  • demonstrate that even with a normal medium-sized pleasure boat, 6.80 x 2.70 m, and a standard outboard, which can be purchased from a Suzuki dealer (not specially prepared for a test such as navigating in a few days the number of miles that an average yachtsman travels in years of use) no destination is precluded.

Raid Europeo 2022: Suzuki and Nuova Jolly accompany the Club Del Gommone of Milan in the new raid dedicated to adventure, navigating the seas, rivers and canals of Europe.

The Suzuki DF200AP is the engine that will propel the Nuova Jolly Prince 22 RIB along the 2,800 miles of the Raid, which will take nine crews of the Club del Gommone di Milano to reach five capitals of the European continent: Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Strasbourg.

The estimated miles to go are 2,800: 600 miles in the Mediterranean, 1,100 miles on canals and rivers, and 1,100 miles in the Atlantic.

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