Gemini Waverider 1060 Cabin Version

Cabin RIBs always get my attention somehow. A cabin can be located in the lower deck with berts. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. It’s the cabin RIB that has a mounted and protective console offering space for two or more. Some have berts as well. The picture must be perfect to hold my attention though. Such a RIB is the Protector 8.5, the Madera Pilot and some other ones. I in particular like the setup of the Gemini WaveRider 1060. I’d cross the Ocean with it. Adding a cabine however makes it no longer trailerable for me as it surpasses 3.5 metric tons with twin engines. Source: Benelux dealer is located in The Netherlands: Find the renderings and features of this Gemini WR 1060 Cabin below. 


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